BMO GOLD Deposit Receipts (GOLDRs®)

DTC-eligible, SEC-registered, and CUSIP-bearing.
Finally, institutional investors can reflect gold bullion in virtually any U.S. brokerage account with ease.

Indicative Daily Closing Price, 01Dec2021: $1,778.70 / deposit receipt

Operationally efficient, pure gold.

BMO GOLDRs® have a number of features useful to institutional investors:

  • Bankruptcy-remote: Gold bullion not available to claims of creditors of BMO
  • Intraday spot liquidity and pricing
  • Allocated gold bullion stored in Canada at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Daily mark-to-market
  • No derivatives
  • No empty vault risk
  • No tracking error
  • SEC-registered, DTC-eligible, CUSIP-bearing
  • No annual fees
  • Physical delivery

Potential Institutional Investor Segments

  • RIAs
  • Private banks
  • Broker dealers
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Pension funds
  • Investment banks
  • Endowments
  • Foundations


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Including the risks associated with an investment


Bank of Montreal (BMO) is Canada’s oldest bank.

Established in 1817 as Bank of Montreal, BMO Financial Group is a highly diversified financial services organization that provides a broad range of retail banking, wealth management and investment banking products and solutions.

BMO GOLDRs® are not securities of Bank of Montreal, nor are they obligations of Bank of Montreal.

Our Team

Simon Carling

Managing Director (Toronto)

Laurence Kaplan

Managing Director (New York)

Jim Pratt

Managing Director (New York)

Louis Lucchetti

Director (Washington DC)


Adam Stempel

Director (New York)

Ted Brettingen

Director (Chicago/Milwaukee)

Dave Thomas

Director (New York)

Form of Delivery

A holder may receive delivery of physical Gold Bullion in one of two forms (subject to availability): 1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins, or 1-ounce gold bars. The Withdrawal and Delivery Fees associated with each form of physical Gold Bullion are as follows:

Product Withdrawal Fee Delivery Fee
1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin* $55 per coin $50 flat fee
1-ounce Gold Bar* $45 per bar

*subject to availability